AAUW Farmington Michigan





Get involved, run for a local office, join organizations that espouse your view point, listen to all sides and protest appropriately.


AAUW of Michigan led a successful resistance to a proposed bill that would approve a Choose Life license plate with proceeds allocated to pro-life organizations. The basis was the inappropriateness of using money to promote one religious and political viewpoint.


AAUW QUICK FACTS: A wealth of information on topics of interest to all women. Info at aauw.org and type quick facts in the search bar.


Farmington AAUW had the opportunity to send a young women to AAUW’S annual National Conference of College Women Student Leaders at the University of Maryland. It offers a weekend of information to enhance and reinforce the leadership skills of young women. For more information go to: https://www.nccwsl.org/


Interesting and unheralded women:

Frances Gabe who designed a ‘no clean’ house based on the concept of the dishwasher.  She received a patent in 1984.  Her whole house was equipped with a water and soap spray that washed down the rooms.  She designed the objects in the rooms to withstand the water or protected them from it.  Water drained on slightly tipped floors. Read about her on Google.


Helen Magill-White first us woman to earn a PhD from Boston University, first female student in her class at Boston Dating Public School. (AAUW link. Emily Talbot was  frustrated by the lack of educational opportunities for her daughters and others. In 1877, she founded the Boston Girls’ Latin School after enrollment of her daughters was rejected at the all male Boston Latin School. Daughter Marion Talbot, a Boston Girl’s School graduate, was a co-founder of what became the AAUW.)