AAUW Farmington Michigan





In 1951 Farmington AAUW was certified as an affiliate of the National AAUW, founded in 1881.  The mission of the organization is to advance equity for women and girls. Farmington AAUW’s activities and actions reflect that mission.

   Some of the history of Farmington AAUW includes the following:

•  Participated in establishing the Friends of the Library and the Farmington


•  Initiated programs and scholarship awards to interest girls in the sciences

   and presented books and other resources on sustaining their interest in



•  Distributed resources on the problem of sexual harassment in school.

•  Assisted in forming SAGE (Senior Adults Giving to Education) which
   continues today.

•  Continues to support the passage of the ERA.

•  Presented with Oakland Community College’s Women Center the “Back to
   School” programs for women resuming their education.

•  With the Oakland League of Women Voters and separately registered voters 
    and did a Get Out The Vote presentation at election time.

•  Farmington AAUW members developed and presented cooking classes at
   the former Boys and Girls Republic, a facility for troubled boys and girls.

•  Collects food and sundries at our meetings to support a local food pantry.

•  Farmington AAUW members are active volunteers in our community.